Software Services

  1. Workforce Management

    Our Workforce Management service -- The Human Infrastructure Management (HIM) HRIS Service -- provides a complete web-based solution for managing today's highly fluid organization. With its innovative business rule engine, companies can create their own attendance rules that will affect time-credit attributions. Integrating the HIM-HRIS with your Time and Attendance software means up to the second attendance credits. Learn More

  2. Delivery Tracking System

    For businesses who handles packages for their clients and simply wants to track their internal package routing, Philippines Online's Delivery and Tracking System (DTS) can help to keep your business going. Learn More

  3. eCommerce Platform

    Operate a single online store, a franchise setup or an online mall with the Ecosystem platform. Does your business have a uniqure order processing pipeline? Ecosystem can be customized to support different business models.
    Learn More

  4. Portal Software

    The Intigrix Web Portal is a middleware written in Java that allows the separation of your content, business processes and data. With built-in single sign-on features, the portal will allow you to integrate your eCommerce, messageboard, webmail and just about any other services built on the Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA. If your service happens to be developed in ASP, PHP, or any other HTTP-based technologies the Web Portal can integrate with that too! Learn More

  5. MessageBoard System

    Communicate using Philippines Online's MessageBoard System which acts as a virtual bulletin board for internal and public use. Learn More

  6. Document Management System

    Share, Search, Archive, Integrate - through Philippines Online's Document Management System, effectively store and index your files using a web-based interface. Learn More

  7. Personalization Engine

    If your business-model will benefit from personalizing the customer experience,use Philippines Online's Personalization Engine. Learn More

  8. Mobile Integration Engine

    The Intigrix MobileComm module allows integration between your application and a GSM or cellular network. Learn More

  9. Intigrix™ Integration Platform

    Intigrix™ is an Integration Broker application that provides companies with a platform which an entire organization (from the marketing department to the programmers) can use to deploy and manage content, use to integrate back-end or legacy systems, build e-commerce and develop highly-sophisticated portal systems.

    The Intigrix™ Integration Platform provides companies with the web platform of tomorrow today so companies can remain focused on the important stuff, like their businesses. Learn More

Online Identity

  1. Domain Registration and Parking

    Looking for a company to register or park your domains with? The domain services of Philippines Online allows you to focus on your business while we take care of the technical details of maintaining it. Domain Registration and Hosting comes *FREE (applicable for new or transferred .com, .net and .org domains) with any Philippines Online corporate services. Learn More

  2. Domain Master Plan New!

    Get the full-featured Domain Master Plan for only P249.50/month*. It's time to take control. Get the full-featured Internet Presence Solution today! (* Annual payment required) Learn More

  3. Domain Extension Plan New!

    The Domain Extension Plan allows you to register additional domain names that will point to your existing PhilOnline hosted domain and existing resources (eg. web pages, mailboxes). Learn More

  4. Web Design and Development

    PhilOnline specializes in developing Web sites that conveys our clients' image, branding, and marketing messages while promoting their products and services. Learn More

  5. Email Hosting

    Email remains the dominant application on the Internet. At Philippines Online, we understand how critical emails can be and have invested in R&D to provide you with a secure, accessible, highly configurable and fast email service. Learn More

Infrastructure Services

  1. IT Infrastructure Design and Support

    Businesses today find it necessary to have its own computer network because doing so allows them to share network resources such as printers, servers and Internet connections. Managing such a network, however, has its challenges. This is where you can count on us. Learn More

  2. Branch Connectivity

    For businesses who manage multiple offices or sites, Philippines online can provide you with a cost-effective and turnkey method to connect remote branches or sites. Learn More

  3. Legacy to Web Integration Services

    Legacy systems need not necessarily be obsolete. We take pride in providing innovative solutions to integration issues. Learn More

  4. Mobile to Legacy Integration

    If your business strategy requires the use of the cell phone as a client for your system, Philippines Online can help you with System Assessment and Development as well as SMS Application Development. Learn More