Tru-Speed™ Broadband


Philippines Online's Tru-Speed™ Broadband service is designed with today's demanding applications in mind. Ideal applications include mission critical and high-bandwidth applications such as Voice-over-Internet (VoIP) applications, Video-conferencing, Application Hosting and Corporate email.

The Philippines Online Tru-Speed™ Broadband service also include domain hosting and secure email services allowing customers to focus on their core business. All these while remaining competitively priced.

Service Features

Tru-Speed™ Guarantee

Services have specified bandwidth guarantees which ensures subscribed bandwidth can be used by you, on demand, anytime of the day.

Real-Time Bandwidth Utilization

Monitor your connection online. Verify your links’ bandwidth utilization for monitoring and planning purposes.

Always-Connect™ Guarantee

We only use premium corporate-grade infrastructure to ensure minimum downtimes. This is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Domain Registration and Hosting

Service includes annual registration and hosting of your domain, saving you the administrative hassle and additional cost of having to have it registered and hosted elsewhere.

Multiple 1GB mailboxes

Get the biggest mailbox allocation in the country today, accessible through all popular email software, via the web or even mobile devices. Plus, emails are protected by Philippines Online's virus and anti-spam system.

Multiple Public IP Addresses

Free allocation of IP addresses allows your company to run its own web, mail or application servers in-house.

Stand-By Connection

In the event of an infrastructure failure, an emergency dialup connection is provided for free.

Service Detail

Feature Telco Broadband Provider PhilOnline's Tru-Speed™ Broadband
Bandwidth allocation or Committed Information Rate (CIR) Not indicated (best effort)* > 75%*
Telco Neutral Not Included Included
Bandwidth Utilization Statistics Not Included Included
Service Level Agreements (SLA) Not Included Included
Domain Registration Not Included Included
Domain Hosting Not Included Included
Email Hosting with own domain Not Included Included
Email Disk Size 100 MB 1 GB
Backup Line Not Included Included

* broadband (or DSL) infrastructure are shared in nature