Premium DialUp and Wi-Fi Roaming


PhilOnline's Premium Dialup service offers an all digital 56k, national and global roaming features. 1GB mailboxes and anti-virus and anti-spam services!

Service Features

All-56K Guarantee

All access concentrators have 56k digital modems so users get the most out of their dialup connection.

Telco Neutrality

As an independent service provider, our dialup pool consists of digital lines from the Top 3 Telecoms Operators, so customers will always have the option to switch to another dialup number, whichever gives them the best connection.

Easy-Connect™ Guarantee

Dialup pool is adequately supplied to ensure 90% or better success rate in dialing into the service at any time of the day.

1800* National Roaming

Access the service from just about any part of the country.

Global Dialup* Roaming

Access the service from any city around the globe. A special dialer is provided to users so finding the local number in a foreign city is easy!

Global Wi-Fi* Roaming

Access thousands of hot-spots around the globe using the special roaming dialer, saving users the time from having to look for hotspot prepaid cards.

Multiple 1GB mailboxes

The biggest mailbox allocation in the country, accessible through all popular email software, via the Web and Mobile devices.

50MB Web Space

Each user gets a generous amount of personal web space, for FREE.

Virus Protection

As a standard service, emails are checked for viruses even before it reaches our users' mailbox.

Spam Protection

Get a network-based anti-spam agent plus enabling the personal anti-spam feature secures our users' mailboxes against malicious emails at no additional cost.

* roaming charges apply