Portal Software

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Developing a web portal for your business or corporate intranet does not have to be difficult. Philippines Online uses the Intigrix Platform for all deployed systems and provides the following essential features.

Service Features

Content Management (CMS)

Intigrix already includes a content management system that allows the appropriate personnel to edit content using only a web browser.

Integrated User Management

The platform provides easy creation of users and user groups allowing you to specify which content can be viewed by which group.

Site Statistics

The platform provides click-stream data, this means all “clicks” on the site generates a log record allowing site owners to view not only unique visits, most accessed site, geographical location of the viewer, their domain and so on but also the pattern of usage of the site. The statistics will even show how long each page was generated before being sent through the wire to the viewer.

Integrated Middleware

The platform allows integration of back-end systems and insulates them from the public Internet.