Intigrix™ Integration Platform

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Intigrix™ is an integration platform written in Java using J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) technologies. As an integration broker platform Intigrix™ allows organizations to securely deploy intranet or Internet based services using new and legacy systems. Intigrix™ is designed to address the need of organizations looking for a single platform that effectively handles the management its content, users, usage tracking (i.e. statistics), marketing and processing of its corporate services.

Why Integrate?

As organizations transition from having a run-of-the-mill Internet presence to a more interactive and mission-critical Internet presence, issues like integrating with legacy systems, implementing e-commerce, securing transactions, integrating the system with mobile communications, securely implement new web services and protecting existing investments come to the fore.

For most organizations this means having to invest in new applications, one for each major requirement, which often requires a lot of work (not to mention expense) to integrate with each other. In many cases, integration projects simply die a natural death because of the unforeseen level of expertise needed to bring all the components together. Clearly, a solution is needed that leverages existing in-house know-how and one that has the ability to integrate with legacy systems.

Intigrix™ is an Integration Broker application that provides companies with a platform which an entire organization (from the marketing department to the programmers) can use to deploy and manage content, use to integrate back-end or legacy systems, build e-commerce and develop highly-sophisticated portal systems.

The Intigrix™ Integration Platform provides companies with the web platform of tomorrow today so companies can remain focused on the important stuff, like their businesses.

Intigrix™ Architecture

Intigrix™ Architecture

Aside from being an Integration Broker, the Intigrix™ platform also includes a strong security model effectively blocking access to or provide any information of the site owner's backend services. All requests goes through the security manager which checks whether the content requested can be provided to the user. If yes, the content can either be retrieved from the internally stored (and maintained) pages of Intigrix™ or retrieved from a remote web service or database. Retrieved data can take many forms, either plain HTML, in XML or SOAP or even binary in nature. Upon complete retrieval, the content is transformed to the appropriate format for the user's device (HTML for computer's, WAP for mobile devices) and sent back to the user.

Stand-Alone Use

Stand-Alone Use

Intigrix™ can be used as a stand-alone server in which case it primarily functions as a corporate web server or intranet server. With its content management features Intigrix™ provides a complete set of functionality to make any web project easy to maintain and achieve its purpose.

As Integration Platform

As Integration Platform

The full capabilities of Intigrix™ is realized once it is used as an integration platform. When used as such, organizations typically have secured back end systems that is being accessed through Intigrix. This effectively insulates corporate systems from the Internet. Backend systems are accessed through direct HTTP or Web service calls.

Intigrix™ vs. Application Servers

Access backend web services (1) Yes Yes
Applications Reside on Front-end Server (2) Yes Typically No
XML Transformation Yes Yes
Content Management None Yes
Requires Servlet Container (3) No No
Statistics None to BASIC only Full CLICK-STREAM
Ad Management No Yes
Caching Yes Yes
Connection Pooling Yes Yes
Auto-Compression of content No Yes
Technical Expertise Required (4) HIGH (Java, .NET etc) LOW
Target Users Programmers Entire Organization

1 - Protocols supported typically are HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/XML
2 - Placing application code on the front-end server is a potential security risk, Intigrix™ allows the full separation of business logic from presentation.
3 - Intigrix™ is a J2EE application and since v3, has its own high-performance Web Server (WarpServer).
4 - Application servers require familiarity with specific programming languages. Intigrix™ allows site owners to use any web-capable programming languages and technologies.

Intigrix™ Standard Features


  • Integrated Content Management
  • Access Remote Services
  • XML Transformation Engine
  • Server Side Validation
  • Personalization
  • Full Featured Ad Management
  • Caching
  • Auto-compression
  • Connecting Pool
  • HTML/WAP/Binary Content Generation


  • Logging
  • Session Information
  • Web Service Security
  • Page Access Validation
  • Customizable Authentication Service


  • Full Click-Stream Logs
  • Page Statistics and Performance
  • Domain Hits Statistics
  • Device Statistics
  • Period Statistics
  • Regional Statistics

Minimum System Requirements

Client and Administrator Console

Internet connection • Internet Explorer 5.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Netscape 4.7+


1GB RAM • 40GB hard drive • 1GHz processor or higher • Ethernet Network Adapter • MySQL RDBMS • Any Java capable OS: (Windows 2000/2003/XP, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Mac OS X) Preferably UNIX based OS • Java 1.5 SDK •