Choosing PhilOnline means...

  1. Easy Activation

    Activation of accounts are typically done within one business day.

  2. Tru-Speed Guarantees

    DSL customers get the bandwidth they subscribed to. Dialup users are assured that only digital 56k modems are used to connect them to the Internet.

  3. 1GB Multiple Mailboxes

    Get the first and (so far) the only 1 GB email offer in the country today. That's 1 GB for each mailbox in a multi-mailbox plan (a typical account is provided with several complimentary mailboxes).

  4. Online Security

    All our customers get free anti-virus scanning on incoming emails. Our valued customers get to choose from two methods of Spam control. All of these security services are provided free of charge.

  5. Personalization

    Use Philippines Online WebTop, our Member site pages, to access your email from just about anywhere around the world. Gain access to the full-featured Web Mail system, the Web Cabinet (works just like a remote and secure directory), access billing and your account profile. This facility is fully customizable!

  6. Phone-In Helpdesk

    You can rely on our Phone-In Helpdesk anytime from 6:30AM to 8:30PM Mondays to Fridays and 8:30AM to 5:30PM during Saturdays and holidays (except Sunday).

  7. 50MB Personal Web Space

    Interested on finally setting up that corporate or even personal website? Upload as much as 50MB worth of web pages, images and your favorite videos. The space is free, use it!

  8. Automated Billing and Payment System

    Access real-time account usage, statements and payments online! Payments can be paid using online methods or via an ATM!

  9. Competitive Rates

    For starters, rates are already one of the best in the market. Get substantial savings when obtaining other services on top of your DSL subscription!